Boig Motorsports / Tubular Automotive Engineering Inc.

Boig Motorsports has been involved in motorsports for almost 50 years. Run by Bob Boig, He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and an M.S. in Engineering Management. He is also a Certified Quality Engineer.

Bob was involved in S.C.C.A. racing for 36 years, building and driving his own race cars. His race cars were sponsored/supported by British Leyland (Triumph), Fiat, Bertone, and Mazda. He’s supplied Mazda Competion department with racing parts for the Miata that he developed and won a National Championship with.

His cars won numerous Sports Car Club of America races both on the regional and national circuit, including four National Championships and the coveted Presidents Award. Over a dozen National Championships were won by cars utilizing Boig Motorsports components!

Bob developed “Quiet Pipes”  in association with Tubular Automotive in 2006 when he purchased a partially completed  Cobra and wanted to remove the ‘bark’ and soften the tone of his 428 FE powered FFR roadster’s exhaust. Customers liked the tone and quality of his “Quiet Pipes” so much that Boig Motorsports took “Quiet Pipes” into production.

Following came “Cool Tubes”, an elegant method of connecting the radiator to   engine on FFR products using custom mandrel bent, silver ceramic powder coated tubing. These tubes are coated both internally and externally. This eliminated the use of interconnected radiator hoses, or corrugated stainless hoses with leaky rubber “adapters”, to reach the motor. This was pure racing practice applied to the street. Some customers even consider “Cool Tubes” as engine jewelry!

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Thank you.

Bob Boig, President