Quiet Pipes

We are the originator and supplier of Quiet Pipes and Cool Tubes for Factory 5 Cars for over twelve years. Quiet Pipes are mandrel bent, baffled side pipes with no packing to be blown out. The sound is classic muscle car, no bark, not raucous, just smooth and powerful. At 70 MPH wind noise in the roadster is higher than engine noise!
 The quality of these side pipes has to be seen! Tight radius turn outs, smooth transition collector, and outstanding weld quality, combined with the removal of the "kink" in the passenger side pipe attest to the quality construction. Sound and tonal quality far exceed any other side pipes available.
 Side pipes are carbon steel only. They must be high temp painted or ceramic powder coated.
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Cool Tubes

Cool Tubes are available for FFR Roadsters, Hot Rods, and Daytona Coupes. They are also available as complete cooling Tube kits for FFR 818's including aluminum tubes, quality hoses and stainless steel clamps.Cool Tubes are rugged, race proven tubes that are mandrel bent, with each end beaded to firmly grip the clamped hoses. They are available either beautifully ceramic powder coated internally and externally, or in mill finish Alcoa aluminum that can be beautifully polished. They come with custom fitted top quality hoses designed for the FFR radiator and your engine application. Their robust designs, developed over years of racing applications, combined with the beautiful finish, have brought some customers to consider them "engine jewelry"! They replace "one size fits all" corrugated hoses, which can fracture while the rubber adapters can crack, leak and slip off the radiator. They flow more coolant, are more reliable and just more attractive than corrugated tubing. These cooling tube assemblies are a clean, custom fit, easy to install and will provide you with years of worry free motoring.

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